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Subject: FX Ekspert : Your Best Chance At Getting Rich With Forex Trading


You have to agree: It is quite hard or impossible to earn money in Forex if you are a regular trader. Most individual traders in the long-term have a negative return.

Especially, when trading with algorithm systems. The regular people are not able to build a better algorithm than large banks or corporations, right?

Actually, I would not say so.

Having worked with Forex for more than 10 years it gave us two excellent advantages:

First, a deep understanding of the principles that is on the other side of the computer screen.

Second, an understanding of algorithms on the highest level. And the skills to build a money-making system based on these algorithms.

So, not only for you we have an algorithm system that has more than 5-years of successful performance, but I know that you are the one who need it THE MOST.

Hence, if you are looking for additional income and willing to earn more than at your full-time job, we at FX Ekspert got you covered!

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Also, feel free to write me as I would like to explain you more what we can offer you.

I am sure we can help you to get your income into the next level!

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Subject: Now you can earn additional money with our FX Ekspert system

Dear [NAME],

Are you having a lack of income sources?
Are you not satisfied with your life?
Are you too tired after 9-5 working day?
Are you looking for investment opportunities?

Actually, by having an answer “YES” to all or most of the questions above we can definitely help you.

Fortunately, all the questions above can be answered by just one thing: A FX Ekspert system that invests your money into forex trading platform.

Here at FX Ekspert, we have exclusively designed, 5-year proved, profit making system for Forex trading:
• We have a unique algorithm, which is the reason why we are the best in the market at the moment;
• It allows you to choose the risk profile you are willing to have. From less risky to more risky.
• Automatic lot size calculator
• Average monthly profit: – for low risk profile = 20%; – for medium risk profile = 30%; – for high risk profile = 40%
• Our software works with every broker, there is in a market
• Broker spread in not important while trading with the software. It works the same way with every broker.

The set-up for you is as easy as possible. You don’t need any prior knowledge of Forex. You should only choose the risk level you are willing to have.

Interested? Click the link below and you will find out additional features and reasoning why we can change your life!

I am sure that together we can grow the size of your income and improve your life conditions!

I look forward to see you on our page.
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